First Appointment!

Steve and I had our first appointment with Georgia Reproductive Specialists and Dr. Namnoum. Let’s just say I was a nervous wreck. (Sorry for snapping so much at you, Steve darling. Love you.)  Anyway, our appointment went well. Dr. Namnoum made me feel so much better about my “predicament.” I told her about my “allergy” to Clomid and how Femera/Letrozole didn’t seem to make me ovulate. After looking at the blood work, she gave Steve and me hope.

I may have been ovulating! That floored me because my OBGYN, who I love, didn’t seem to think that was happening. Dr. Namnoum believes that I may not ovulate until after the normal blood work date (cycle day 21.) With this knowledge, all three of us felt that there is a chance for me to get pregnant sooner than later. Before leaving the office, I did a new round of blood work, which included checking my progesterone levels without being medicated and a new test, checking my Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) levels. Steve has tests he will complete as well. With all of this new information, we will finalize our plan.

So this is the part that may be a little TMI. You have been warned.

There is a plan that has two different routes. Most of this is not covered by insurance (need to blog about this on another day.) Both plans start the same: take Femera/Letrozole and trigger shots on my next cycle using ultrasounds to pinpoint when I give myself the shots. Where the plan divides is how we get fertilization to happen. Do we go the old fashion route, or do we do an Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) procedure which may give us better results? One is a little more sexy. The other is very medical. Both are scientific. Haha. We will make that decision in about a week and a half.

That is pretty much the gist of it. Keep following to find out what is going on my crazy PCOS journey and mind.

Until then, keep drinking the water.

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