Midpoint Ultrasound (Short Post)

I usually don’t have appointments on Saturday morning, but in this world of endless possibilities, I did. I headed back to the doctor’s office to do a check of my ovaries on cycle day 10. In order to move to the IUI, my ovaries have to contain maturing follicles. Dr. Namnoum was optimistic that I would be at that point on Saturday.

When I got there, the doctor on call, Dr. Perole, did the examination. I was extremely nervous. Anyone who knows me knows that I overthink everything. I am scared of things going wrong and causing me to miss out on a cycle. Well, when I got into the exam room, I put on my new IUI socks from Designs by Kelly George and started playing with my new bracelet made by one of my oldest friends, Erica. (She runs Tea Rex Creations.) I also took random pics. (Just documenting the process. See below.) Dr. Perole came in and conducted the examination. Unfortunately, he didn’t see enough follicle growth and suggested I come back Monday (CD 12) to recheck them. Hopefully, there will be mature follicles, and Steve and I can do the IUI this week.

Now, I am just trying to stay relaxed and focused on everything else in the world. Still, fingers crossed for progress on Monday.


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