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Hey, everybody! Sorry for being MIA for a while. It has been crazy for the last week and a half. I will quickly get y’all up to date.

I had the IUI on November 29th, and it all of the numbers, etc. looked great! My clinic is extremely hopeful and positive about our chances. 😁 I began my progesterone supplements on December 2nd. I am currently in what they call the Two Week Wait (TWW.) As of this post (December 10th), I am 11 days past IUI (dpiui.)

During this TWW, I have had lots of interesting symptoms like nausea, light cramping, headaches, etc. They have changed as my trigger shot faded, and my progesterone levels grew. I try not to think of the symptoms because it would drive me nuts. (Too late!) I am not supposed to test until December 13 so that has made me jittery.

Can I just say that the TWW is just crappy? I’m doing everything to try and stay distracted, but I’m only human. Hopefully, I will have good news soon. I will let you know.

Sorry to just write and run, but life calls! Until next time, keep drinking the water.

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