Midpoint Mania

I woke up Monday, January 22nd, with a cough. It was one of those coughs that felt heavy in your chest. I ignored it because I felt okay, woke Steve up, and headed to Atlanta for my Midpoint Ultrasound. Traffic was great, and we got there early. Steve and I were led back to the ultrasound room, and I got ready. Dr. Namnoum came in. We chatted for a second. She told me again how much she loved my Think Positive/Baby Denham socks, and we got down to the ultrasound. Wand was in place, which is kind of uncomfortable. Dr. Namnoum goes to manipulate the screen to check the ovaries.

Then, it happened. The screen froze. Nothing was coming up. The Dr. N presses buttons on the machine with one hand while hold the wand with the other. I am laying on my back with nothing covering me from the waist down except a blanket, and a ultrasound wand in a weird place. I’m trying not to laugh. Steve, who is seated against the wall, has a calm expression on his face. I look at him, point my finger, and say “Don’t even think about it.” I know he is thinking of some joke to go with this situation. Dr. N sends him to get her nurse to see if she can fix it, all while apologizing. Dr. N and Tracie shut the machine off and turn it back on. It takes forever to do nothing. The screen says “Now finishing. Don’t turn off power,” and I still have the wand in place. I started giggling to relieve any tension there might be. Nothing is working. They shut the machine off again, and Dr. N removes the wand. We all laugh. Everyone is apologizing to Steve and me. I just grin and tell them that this is going in the blog and on the Instagram. Dr. N suggests we take a picture of me with the machine still saying “Now finishing. Don’t turn off power.” Steve obliges me. Here are the pictures. Luckily, the wand was removed at this point. (Blog continues below.)





Realizing the machine wasn’t going to work, blood was drawn, and an older machine was found. Finally, the ultrasound was done. After all of that silliness, Dr. N said my ovaries didn’t look ready yet, and they would call me with the blood results that afternoon. (Of course they weren’t ready.)

No worries. Steve and I head back towards our home. My cough has become worse, so I decide to call my family doctor and get a sick appointment. Steve gets one, too. He has been coughing for a while, and it got so bad that he passed out and ended up in the ER a few nights before. (He’s okay.)

After grabbing a quick bite, in which I’m steadly feeling worse, we head to our appointment. The nurse’s aid doesn’t like the sound of our symptoms and tests me for strep and both of us for the flu. Steve and I joke about getting the flu since my baby sister announced on Facebook that she had the flu again. (I just visited my parents and sister the week before.)

The nurse practitioner comes in, checks our vitals, and warns us that if either of us test positive for flu, we would need to stay home for a week. If not, she would still want at least me to stay home for a few days since I was exposed. I am coughing more and feeling worse.

After she left, Steve and I begin to worry that it could be worse than a simple cough. The NP comes back in with the results. Steve’s test was positive for flu. Mine was not, but she still says I have the flu. Prescriptions were called in. We were sent home with doctor’s notes for the week.

Now, I hated having to call my school to let them know I would be out for a week after having three snow days the week before. Luckily, my school is awesome and told me to rest. (Still have sub plans!) Steve and I go home to make a list of groceries to get and rest.

That’s when Dr. N’s office calls. They want me to come back Thursday and to keep doing the Ovulation Tests. I inform them that I just left my regular doctor since I felt bad after their appointment and have the flu. The nurse tells me that she will talk to Dr. N about what to do and get back to me. Ten minutes later, she calls back and says if I’m feeling better by Thursday, come in and do another midpoint ultrasound. If not, keep testing and we’ll do timed intercourse instead of an IUI. Roger that.

My fever starts after that, and I fight the flu while taking Tamiflu like clockwork. My last above 100 degree temp was Tuesday around 1:00 PM. (We may have caught my flu early.)

I woke up Wednesday (today) at 4:00 AM with a temperature of 98.7 and feeling a bit better. It had been about 6 hours since I last took Tylenol with a temp of 99.4. I spent the day resting and so far, my temp has hovered around 98.7 degrees without Tylenol. I do believe I’m on the mend. I cough a little, but for the most part, I am feeling better. I’m just really tired. As of now, I’ve been below 100 for over 24 hours and below 99 for 13 hours. I haven’t taken Tylenol since Tuesday night for a fever.  If my temperature stays low, I won’t be contagious, just in recovery mode.

Now, comes the tricky part. I have to see if I’m feeling well enough to go to my 2nd midpoint ultrasound. If I can get through the night okay and wake up with no fever on Thursday morning, I’ll go with tons of hand sanitizer, wear a mask or have tissue, and come back to rest. They have masks out everywhere. If I feel at all bad in the morning, I’ll stay home and try IUI next time. It is a conundrum.

This week has been nuts. Hopefully, everything will work out.

I’ll let you know.


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