Update Time

I was able to go to round 2 of my Midpoint Ultrasound on Thursday. No fever for over 24 hours. I just felt super run-down and tired, but I powered through so that I had a chance of an IUI this month. (When I got home over an hour later, I was exhausted, coughing, and had a headache. Definitely in recovery mode!)

I did my ultrasound, which still had weird things happen. My right thigh kept cramping while in the stirrups, and Steve had to hold my stretched out leg so that the nurse practitioner could check my ovaries. Unfortunately, my follicles (eggs) were just not quite ready. They were soooooo close! I had one on each side that was almost ready to pop. I had 2-3 in each ovary that were possibly still growing.

What do you do in that situation? Well, I was given a small dose of hormones similar to my trigger shot to give my big follicles that last push in growth and to slow down the smaller ones. I return Saturday morning to do another ultrasound and give myself the shot to trigger ovulation. Hopefully, third times the charm. If everything looks good on Saturday, Steve and I return on Sunday to do the IUI.

It’s been a frustrating cycle with timing being off (my cycle changes every 3-4 months), the flu, snow, etc. When I expressing my frustrations to Steve, he pointed out that it’s never easy to get the things you truly want, and that makes the successes even better. (I paraphrased.) The nurse who gave me my shot said something similar. She pointed out that it is frustrating cycles that seem to be the successful ones. I hope this is true.

Now, we head into the weekend and some more uncertainties. I’ll let y’all know what happens.

Keep drinking the water.


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