Third Time’s a What Now?

This cycle has been a very frustrating cycle. Below is an actual photo of me sitting in the waiting room after my 3rd midpoint ultrasound.


I clean up nicely.

Review (You can read in more detail on the following posts: Midpoint Mania and Update Time):

First, it was the weird beginning of my cycle (what I thought was the start wasn’t the start) which caused a possible unreliable 3 day ultrasound. Then, my 1st midpoint ultrasound showed that my ovaries were not progressing early enough so a 2nd ultrasound was needed in three days. Then, I quickly and suddenly come down with the flu so the entire cycle is in jeopardy. I make it to the 2nd ultrasound where my ovaries/ follicles are still being slow-moving jerks, I get a small hormone shot to move things along, and am told to return Saturday for  a 3rd ultrasound. The doctors, Steve, and I all hope for an IUI on Sunday.

Results for Saturday:

I went to the 3rd ultrasound, and it didn’t go the way I wanted. My follicles grew a little but not enough. (Insert random, long list of swear words.) It was recommended that I get another helper shot and come back on Monday for a 4th ultrasound to see if I’m ready for an IUI. Unfortunately, with both of us being out for the flu all week, Steve and I didn’t feel like it would be helpful to miss more work. We both discussed that if I wasn’t ready for IUI today, then we would take the other route.


I let the doctor on call, Dr. McCarthy-Keith, know what our thoughts were, and she automatically developed a new plan without question. No pushing for the IUI. This is why I love SGF- Atlanta (formerly Georgia Reproductive Specialists.) It’s all about the end goal: a child.

Our plan for the remainder of the cycle is this:

  1. Before I left the office, I was given another helper shot to grow the follicles. There are 4 possible eggs that could be released: two in each side. The nurse asked if I would be okay with twins. I am.
  2. On Monday, I will give myself the trigger shot currently sitting in my fridge. My two week wait starts Tuesday as 1 Day Past Trigger (1DPT.)
  3. Between Saturday and Friday, I’m to follow the timed intercourse calendar.
  4. Five days after I give myself the trigger shot, I will start the progesterone. This is to tell my body I should stay pregnant if I happen to get pregnant.
  5. No matter what happens, I should know if I am pregnant the week of February 12th. My odds are the same as a normal couple trying to get pregnant: 20%. The possibility of having twins is only 3%-6% with triplets only being 1%.

body shots

So, here we are. My crazy cycle stays crazy. Hopefully, the craziness will end in a nice Valentine’s Day surprise. Fingers crossed while holding lucky pineapples!


Until then, keep drinking the water.



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