Waiting Game

Author’s Note: Today is Tuesday, March 13th. This is important to know when reading this post. When I started this blog last November, I wanted to create a honest account of what my life is like going through fertility treatments and living with PCOS. This post is keeping with that goal.

Two weeks have passed since my 2nd IUI. This past weekend, I took four different pregnancy tests, and they all came back with a faint positive (I’ve only had one before.) One was darker than the others, but they were all there. Steve and I decided to be cautiously excited. We let our parents know. I spoke to my sisters who are following every play by play with this. My pregnant sister, Amanda, and I spent about 45 minutes on the phone talking about what kind of clothes to buy in the future, “rules” of pregnancy, etc. I told my friends at work because they knew Monday would be my home test day at the latest. Some of the reactions were so cute! No Facebook announcements, though. (I guess this will be it.)

On Monday, I called the clinic to let them know the good news. Yea! They scheduled me to do blood work to initially confirm pregnancy and told me to continue my Progesterone supplements. Unfortunately for me, my insurance didn’t want to pay for the blood work to be done in the office labs but instead through Lab Corp. This means I have to wait a minimum of 24 hours before my doctor knows the results instead of 3-4 hours. Okay, whatever. I went this morning to do my blood work and go about the rest of my day. As of this post, I am about 4 weeks and 1 day pregnant (aka pregnant pending doctor approval.) That’s right. If this one sticks, I’ll be due the week of Thanksgiving. (Gobble, gobble.)

Here comes to “fun” part…

Now, I’ve been have very light cramping off and on for over a week so not a big deal. There was no spotting. Around 2 PM today, while attending a training off campus, I began to feel stronger cramps. I chalked it up to my digestive tract since I ended a round of antibiotics a little over a week ago. Since I had to pee yet again (doing that a lot), I was dismayed to find I was spotting now.

I’ve had two early miscarriages (aka chemical pregnancies.) In the past, I’ve had a positive test, only to have it disappear. This first time in May 2016, I had a very heavy “period,” which was the miscarriage. In August 2017, the test was positive one day, and the next day, it wasn’t. Because of this, I am nervous at the sight of spotting.

I called my doctor’s office and left a message that I would call nervous babbling. Her coordinator called me back within 20 minutes. She was so sweet and understanding. I apologized for being nervous sounding, but she said it was natural. The coordinator told me, until we get the blood work results back, I was to relax. The cramping and spotting could be normal, early pregnancy behavior (uterus stretching to make room for baby, embryo implanting more, etc.) She said to keep positive, take my Progesterone, and wait for them to call tomorrow. I was informed that if it does get worse, I should go to the ER, but stay positive.

Now, it’s Tuesday evening. I’m still cramping and spotting off and on. Nothing consistent. I just wait and wait. It’s always a waiting game when you’re dealing with fertility issues and trying to get pregnant. What else can I do?

Hopefully, everything will work out, and I’ll post a happy update. I will remain cautiously excited.

Until then,





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