Mini-Update: Testing and Two Years

Hello, lovely readers. It’s been a month since I last posted. Unfortunately, I have a weird and difficult time since then. At this point, I’m trying to figure out how to talk about everything. Once I do, I will post here. It should be soon.

A couple of updates:

I do want to say that I had more testing done with blood work and genetic testing. They wanted to check and see if I had anything that has caused me to have the three early miscarriages. Thankfully, nothing came up on my tests. I’m very happy about that. We’ll figure it out.

We are officially! Yea!!!

The last thing I do want to talk about is today, May 6, is a bittersweet anniversary for me. Two years ago, I had my first positive pregnancy test. It made me feel so happy and excited. Unfortunately, I lost it a couple of days later. Today, instead of feeing very sad, I want to remember that there is and will always be hope.

I hope this can tide y’all over for now. I just wanted to post something to keep everything fresh. Be on the lookout for a longer and more detailed post soon.

Until then, keep drinking the water.

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