Updates at 36

Today is my birthday, and I thought I would do a small update post. I’ve turned 36, and it’s got me thinking about a lot of things. I thought life would be a little different by the time I hit this number, but everyone probably feels the same. I luckily have a wonderful husband, job, and group of family and friends, but with the events and issues of the last 2 years, it still feels like something is missing. I’m having to reexamine all of my goals and the ways I am trying to meet them.

I’ve stopped the fertility treatments indefinitely, and Steve and I are looking into all of our options for adopting. We still hope that I will become pregnant, but after the physical and emotional side effects of treatments, I am taking time. I may not ever have a biological child, and I am coming to terms with that. Therapy is helping with that.

The adoption process is confusing and frustrating. We’re only at the beginning of the process, but jeez, I cannot get clear answers or information about what to do. We are considering all of our options: adopt from foster care, private adoption through an agency, private adoption without agency, etc. Ugh… so confusing. We’ll figure it out.

Here’s what I know. I want to be a mom, and Steve wants to be a dad. We are just going to become those in a way that works for us. We’ll probably be the older parents at our child’s high school graduation, and that’s okay.

While we figure the family stuff out, I need to focus on all aspects of my health and trying to find some balance in my life. When I get that lined up, I’ll let you know. (Maybe write a book and become rich.)

That’s all I have for now. I wish I could write more, but a little information is better than none. At least, I think so.

Until next time, keep drinking the water.


One thought on “Updates at 36

  1. Cocktails and Crayons says:

    We are adopting. We started with two books, both recommended by a lawyer who specializes in adoption. The Complete Idiots Guide to Adoption and How to Adopt in One Year. Both were super helpful in aiding us in deciding how we want to adopt, and what our options are based on the state we live in.

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