Love Over Fear

Steve and I have decided to start the adoption process. (It’s early, but this blog is about honesty.) This is an exciting and scary step in our journey to become parents, but it feels that this is our right path. One of the things Steve and I always discussed is how our children do not have to be biologically related to us. They will be our children because they are loved. Our children are out there in the universe. We’re just not sure when we will become a family.

So, where are we at in the process? Well, we have found a group that could help with connecting to a child that is for adoption. First, we have to get our home study done. This is an assessment of prospective adoptive parents to see if they are suitable for adopting a child. We applied to a great home study group called Options 4 Adoptions and were accepted by them. There are three meetings: two office ones and a home visit. Steve and I have phone conference with them before our first meeting so the ball is rolling. Sadly, there is a lot of paper work, but if it gets us one step closer to creating our family, I’ll do all of the paperwork.

We’re not sure how fast or slow the whole process will go and wish that we could give a “due date” of sorts. It’s extremely scary in a way.  Steve and I are worried about being good parents at the same time as being excited. (I guess every parent feels this in some way.) Luckily, we have great role models in our parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, friends, etc. We also know that when we bring our child into our families, he or she will be so loved. Blood connection won’t matter. When I think about the possibilities, it is overwhelmingly good because I choose love over fear. Our child is an unknown entity out there. We are just waiting for each other.

I’ll post updates about our home study and placement process as we go. My posts about PCOS and issues associated with it will continue. I’m just going to be a mom in a different way. With my own type of water…

Until next time, keep drinking the water.




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