Home Studying You

The home study is underway! Oh my, we’re in the thick of it. We had our first face to face meeting on August 2nd and are now trying to gather the rest of the paperwork before our 2nd face to face on August 22nd. It’s a lot of work and frustration, but it’s worth it.

At our 1st meeting, we handed over like 75% of the paperwork to our case worker, Kelly. She was impressed with how one top of it we were. If you have ever gone through this process, you know how daunting all of the home study paperwork is! I know I killed several small trees with the original documents and copies. So much!! The pictures below are all of the copies and originals, and we’re not done!

Luckily, we’re almost done with the paperwork part. Our next meeting will be an interview with Kelly. Steve and I will be questioned about our lives, family, etc. It’s a little nerve-wracking, but it will be okay. After this one, we have the home visit, which will have Kelly coming to inspect our apartment! So. Much. Cleaning!

It’s weird to be put under such a strong microscope. I know that I am blogger and share a lot about my life, but this is so much more. This is going to affect whether or not Steve and I become parents over the next several months. Scary to think about. However, if we pass this home study, we will be one step closer to becoming parents. It blows my mind.

So, that’s it. Just wanted to update you. I’m planning another post soon so be one the lookout.

Until next time, keep drinking the water.

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