Cleaning Time

We’re at the end of the home study. The previous meeting in August went great. This was our interview portion, and Steve and I are pretty much approved pending the last parts of the home study. Our last major piece, the home visit, is scheduled for September 25th. As of this post, we have two weeks to get the place ready to be inspected. Steve and I have a lot to do.

I’ll admit it. I thought I didn’t have a huge amount to do, but after getting the place viewed through the eyes of my sisters, work must be done. My sister, Amanda, has a five month old so she is able to see my place in a way I can’t. She sees it in a way to make it safe for a child. I appreciate that because I have no idea!

My mom and I had a serious discussion on what we need to do to get the apartment ready. She relayed the issues my sisters saw because they were worried I would be mad at them. (I’m not.) After work today, I began some of the deep cleaning. I’m ashamed to say that my fridge was a disaster! Now, it’s sparkling clean and almost bare! Next up is the freezer.

Steve and I have a lot to do over the next two weeks. In addition to the cleaning, we still have a couple of pieces of paperwork left. It’s almost done. Once everything is finalized, we will be approved to pursue adoption. Hopefully, this time next year, Steve and I will be parents! I have hope.

So that’s it for now. I just have to keep it together and get things done.

Until next time!

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