New Year New Name

We are just over a week away from 2019, which means changes are coming. I decided to make a change to the blog. Since the focus of my blog has changed, Sarah Drinks All the Water doesn’t fit any more. For the new year, I am reflecting that change.

After much debate, I have decided to change the blog name to Older Than I Thought!! I think this new name allows me to talk about all of the ups and downs of becoming a mom in her later 30’s and beyond that. It allows me to grow the blog. I’ll still talk about things that are important to me, but it is not confined to fertility issues.

When I was deciding on a new name, I thought of Older Than Other Moms. However, my youngest sister pointed out that more women are becoming moms in the later 30’s or older. I am not going to be an “old” mom. I’m just going to be older than I thought.

Here’s to new journeys. Look for more post soon!!

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