Sudden Changes

This is a post I never thought I would ever write. On the night of September 24th, the birth mother who chose us to adopt her unborn baby was hit by a car. She and her baby died at the hospital that night. The birth mother’s name was Megan. I want her name to be known because she has people who love her that are grieving for her. My husband was there because he was going to buy Waffle House food for Megan and her boyfriend, the birth father.

This is something out of a Lifetime movie. Last week, I wrote that if we weren’t able to adopt this baby, it would be for reasons related to Megan’s decisions. Having her and the baby die suddenly, this is completely shocking.

Steve and I are heartbroken for Megan, her baby, and her whole family. This is such a tragedy for so many. We’re sad that we cannot raise Megan’s child and the untold amount of what-ifs that surround this child. As of now, we don’t know what Megan’s family is doing, but out of respect, we don’t have to know. We were only the chosen adoptive parents for a week.

So, what is next for Steve and I? We don’t know 100%. We’re in shock, but we’re doing okay. Our purpose is stronger for this. We know that our purpose is to become parents to those children who need someone to step in and give love. We’re still working with The Hope Box because that is their one of purposes as well. This may sound silly, but we feel that if the baby could talk, she would tell us to bring the love that we would give her to another child. This is what we will do as we grieve for Megan’s family and for the what-ifs.

Sarah and Emily from The Hope Box have been so sweet in the last 12 hours. They are devastated that this is how it all ended, but I know they are focused on helping anyone else that is in need.

This is such a strange part of our parenthood journey. It is surreal, and our feelings just can’t be put clearly into words.

Please keep Megan’s family in your prayers and thoughts.

We’ll keep updating as we move forward.



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