Checking In Again

Hello, Readers.

It’s been six weeks since I last posted. The world has been up and down for Steve and me, but we’ve made progress. (See old posts: Sudden Changes and We’re Matched.) We are ready for whatever the world brings our way.

We went through a lot of emotions between September 17th and September 25th: happiness, fear, determination, grief, anger, disbelief, confusion, etc. A couple of weeks after the accident, Steve and I met with Sarah and Emily from The Hope Box to debrief about the whole situation. It was very beneficial and informative, but I won’t go into detail since some things must stay private.

Since then, Steve and I have been trying to figure out where to go with our journey as parents. We are collecting the items needed to renew our home study. (It expired at the end of October, but we have to renew every year.) It shouldn’t be too hard.

We’re also trying to get back on the health wagon. I fell off of trying to exercise and eat better, which has caused me to fluctuate between gaining all 10 pounds I lost back and losing about seven of it back off. I need to get back to work on my health, especially since PCOS is not a kind disease/syndrome. Steve is also working on his health again, which is good.

I am doing the National Novel Writing Month annual challenge for the month of November. I’m trying to write 50,000 words in one month, and as of this post, I am just over 20,000 words and still have 21 days left. I made a deal with myself for this challenge: exercise at least 15 minutes a day or I can’t write. I guess I really want to write. 🙂 Writing has been really helpful for my mind. (That and therapy)

Like I said in my last post, we are still connected to The Hope Box. We love them. We’re becoming friends now, which is wonderful. Love y’all, Sarah and Emily!!

I just want to thank all of the wonderful friends, family, co-workers, and strangers who have been sending us prayers, love, kind words, etc. I’m so thankful. Please remember to keep Megan’s family and friends in your thoughts and prayers. We are not in contact with them, but I want them lifted up while the continue to grieve.

So, that is my update. I wish I had more, but life moves at its own pace. Hopefully, we’ll have some news in the coming months. Until then, we’ll keep moving forward.


Oh, Happy World Adoption Day!


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