Sudden Changes

This is a post I never thought I would ever write. On the night of September 24th, the birth mother who chose us to adopt her unborn baby was hit by a car. She and her baby died at the hospital that night. The birth mother's name was Megan. I want her name to be … Continue reading Sudden Changes


We’re Matched!

This post looks at how we were matched with a birth mother and the possible risks associated with being matched. This doesn't represent all adoption experiences. On Tuesday, September 17th, I was driving home from an educational training. My trip home was about an hour-long, so I had my current audiobook playing. When I drive, … Continue reading We’re Matched!


This morning, I decided to make a "frequently asked questions" post related to so many of the questions and statements that have been asked Steve and me. It might be helpful. It might not. It will allow me to release some frustrations. Why are you adopting? Did you give up on having your own child? Steve and … Continue reading FAQs