Looking at the End of the Rainbow

Today is a special co-written post with my husband, Steve. Say hi, Steve. Hi, Steve. I haven't said a huge amount on here for the last several weeks because we wanted to get a big update instead of a bunch of little ones. After three and a half months of working on our home study, … Continue reading Looking at the End of the Rainbow

A Quick Post about Paperwork

Sometimes people ask how much paperwork goes into adopting. Well, here is an example of how much. This is one completed home study book to show to a potential adoption lawyer tomorrow. I will have a separate one for when we meet on Tuesday with a group we may adopt with. (The binder is an … Continue reading A Quick Post about Paperwork

Posts To Come

Hi, everyone! It's been very busy with work and life here at home. That has made me fall behind with posting on the blog. I'm going to rectify it this week. Keep an eye out!