Thoughts From the Night Before

It's the night before my 2nd IUI, and I'm trying to distract myself. I've changed the sheets, sent sub plans for school tomorrow, rotated laundry, and cleaned the kitchen. Now, I'm sitting on my bed and writing this blog post while old episodes of Parks and Recreation play. (That show is life. I try to … Continue reading Thoughts From the Night Before

Full Speed Ahead- Mini Post

Hello, faithful readers. Sorry for not updating more recently. Life got crazy with work, illnesses, etc. Currently, I'm getting over a sinus infection less than a month after the flu. Luckily, I was still able to go to my mid-point ultrasound today (February 23rd) and got good news. I have a nice, large follicle in … Continue reading Full Speed Ahead- Mini Post

Update Time

I was able to go to round 2 of my Midpoint Ultrasound on Thursday. No fever for over 24 hours. I just felt super run-down and tired, but I powered through so that I had a chance of an IUI this month. (When I got home over an hour later, I was exhausted, coughing, and … Continue reading Update Time