Home Studying You

The home study is underway! Oh my, we're in the thick of it. We had our first face to face meeting on August 2nd and are now trying to gather the rest of the paperwork before our 2nd face to face on August 22nd. It's a lot of work and frustration, but it's worth it. … Continue reading Home Studying You

Paperwork is My Life

Steve and I are neck deep in paperwork for our home study. They need multiple background checks, letters, physicals, TB tests, drug screens, identification certificates, our marriage certificate, my divorce decree, our insurance, finances, pet vaccinations, a questionnaire/ self study, etc. I've been plowing through all of it because I want to process to be … Continue reading Paperwork is My Life

Poppy Seeds

I'm battling severe depression. I've fought it in the past, but this time, it got really bad. I started feeling depressed in January, but after my third early miscarriage in March, I was suddenly off fertility meds after taking a lot of them in the last 3 out of 4 months. My hormone levels were … Continue reading Poppy Seeds